Persisting sensitive information with PowerShell

It often happens that I need to persist a password or another sensitive information strings in a file or database. When it happens I can never recall what was exactly the command I used to do so in the past. That’s why I decided to encapsulate the two operation of encrypting and decrypting a string […]

Installing self-signed certificates into Git cert store

Introduction Since it’s introduction, Git repositories in TFS became quite a popular choice. Most of early adopters used the integrated Visual Studio tooling to interact with their repositories. It is all straight forward, simple and easy, clone your repository are you are ready to go. Now, if you ever tried to use the command line […]

Certificates to DB and Back – Part 1

Foreword I wrote this article at the beginning of 2011. As I was developing a WCF client application which was using Message Security with Mutual Certificates Exchange and because of a particular application request, I developed this part of code in order to facilitate maintenance and deployment of the interested application. Now, if you are […]